T-shirt Printing Ideas for Hen Party

If you want to have hen night party, then surely you also need to have t-shirt printing ideas. A customized t shirt will be unique item that everyone should wear during the party. Furthermore, it will also become a souvenir that everyone can keep as an item to remember this memory. If you need to know how to design your own t shirt for this hen party, then we will give you some ideas here.

Things to do when creating t-shirt printing for hen party

  1. Choose t shirt style

Before creating t shirt design online, you first should choose t shirt style you want to use. There are many kinds of t shirt that you can use from unisex t shirt, vest top or ladies fitted t shirt, you can also use your own t shirt style to be printed. The t shirt printing will even give you discount if you bring your own t shirt to be printed.

  1. Choose vibrant color

Most of the time at hen party, they will love vibrant color. That is why you should also choose vibrant color for your t shirt design. If you have a club, you might already knows everyone favorite color, thus choose colors that every will love. But remember that the color that you choose should also match the color of the t shirt which you will print the design into.

  1. Give effect

To make the design even better try to choose t shirt design maker that can print the t shirt with some effect. Fluorescent color or glittery effect will make the t shirt glows and your design will be better.Wearing this t shirt will also make your party merry especially if you plan to have dance time at the party.

  1. Choose a theme

To make designing easier, you might want to choose a theme to be used at the party. Every t shirt creator will also first choose a theme for their t shirt to make designing easier. There are a lot of theme to be use such as Charlie’s angel, army theme, pink theme, wonder woman, cat woman and many others.

  1. Choose a slogan

As a t shirt maker you should also try to put a slogan into your design. With a slogan it will make your design become more personal especially if you have a motto that you and your girls use every time.

  1. Put nickname

If you do not want to use slogan, you can also put nickname of everyone on the design.

  1. Search reference

If you still confuse about the design, then you should try to search some t shirt design as reference. There are a lot of great tshirt maker that could be your reference. Of course you should not use the exact same design with the design you see. Instead just take several ideas from the reference and convert it to be better idea for your tshirt printing design.

Those are some t shirt printing ideas for hen party so you can create unique item that everyone should wear.


Description: Surely you need to have t shirt printing ideas as customized t shirt will be unique item that everyone should wear during the party, learn more about it here.

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